Jim Beckner

Jim Beckner, Executive Director, The Richmond Academy of Medicine

In August of 2014, Titan Group was hired by the Board of Directors of the Richmond Academy of Medicine to assist them in recruiting their new Executive Director. The Richmond Academy of Medicine (the Academy) serves more than 2,300 area healthcare professionals who live in the Greater Richmond Metro area.  The Academy serves its members and the greater community through comprehensive programs that include legislative, regulatory, economic and social advocacy for patients and physicians. Their mission is to provide the necessary support so that the Richmond area continues to be a great place to live, receive healthcare and practice medicine. After a strategic and targeted search headed by Rachel Bender Meyer, Titan’s Director Staffing Solutions, Jim Beckner was hired in January of 2015. I had an opportunity to talk with Jim and learn more about his experience with the search process and the Academy’s mission.

Jim has been involved with community-based healthcare focusing on the uninsured through work with free clinics. Before his new position as the Executive Director of the Academy, he served as the President of Instructive Visiting Nurses Association, the Founding CEO of RX Partnership, and the Executive Director of the Fan Free Clinic. I asked Jim to walk me through his recruitment experience. “I got a call from Rachel and she asked if I was interested in learning more about this opportunity. She sent the position profile and honestly, I sat on it for a couple weeks. In the meantime I had two people I know call and tell me ‘this is right up your ally.’ I called Rachel back, and said yes I am interested.”

After agreeing to learn more about the position, Jim completed a telephone interview with Rachel. After the phone interview, Jim had an in-person interview with Titan and completed an online selection tool for assessing the skills and competencies of managers. Finally, the list of final candidates was narrowed down and Jim was scheduled to do a panel interview with the Academy’s Board. Jim said the interview was “Simply exciting and high energy; the kind of experience that literally made me feel like I want this job.”

Jim was ultimately selected and officially started at The Academy in February earlier this year. Jim describes his time so far as “Very rewarding, I am learning the specifics of the organization. And, I am beginning to find out what I do not know and what I need to learn.” He also commented about his experience with Rachel and the search process, “The process was wonderful from start to finish. Rachel’s ability to match my skills to the position is remarkable. I also see the relationship going beyond this onetime event. I cannot put into words how well the experience went; professional, great degree of efficiency, and ultimately a great degree of match for the position.”

Jim says he would tell a candidate beginning this process, “Be completely open, and give as much detail about who you are, what you like, and your abilities so that you can be matched with the best openings. Trust the process.” Jim continued “Titan Group brings to the table a great degree of expertise in fleshing out the job descriptions and finding the right candidates. Titan has great contacts within the community. Believe in the process and let the processes work. Let it happen.”

Jim, as well as the Richmond Academy of Medicine, has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing a great relationship.

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