Organizational Structure Assessments & Design

Our evaluation starts with an assessment of your needs. What skills and experience must an employee have to be successful in his or her position? Do the current reporting structure and areas of responsibility make sense? And is the incumbent cut out for that new role?

What defines success for us?

Competency Development

Before you can determine whether a person is right for their job, you must clearly identify what particular skills and talents are needed for that position. We help clients define these competencies, and then assess the employee’s strengths and opportunities against them.

Competency Development ensures that both management and employees have the same understanding about job responsibilities and performance goals.

Where are we & what should we look like?

Organizational Assessment

We assess your organization’s:

  • Talent
  • Structure
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Job descriptions
  • If the right people are in the right roles with the right skill sets

Our customized approach includes discovery interviews, analysis of business performance data, “deeper dives” into opportunity areas, and ongoing collaboration and discussion with executive sponsors. We can help your organization answer the following three questions to increase productivity, efficiency and success:

How are we doing?

Performance Management

The day-to-day management of employees is one of the most critical pieces of an organization’s productivity and culture, and, reflecting that importance, it is also one of Gallagher Titan’s most in-demand areas of expertise. Once you have the right person in the right job, you must ensure that you have set goals that are both realistic and appropriate and that you are measuring the employee’s performance based on mutually agreed-upon objectives. We help clients set up Performance Management systems that provide ongoing, consistent feedback to employees while also rewarding them in ways that are consistent with their performance.

Who’s ready?

Succession Planning

The best organizations are continually looking to the future, and that includes having plans in place to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders. We assist clients with Succession Planning and help prepare key employees for future roles with the company through training, job rotation, and mentoring.

How can we work better together?

Team Building Program

Gallagher Titan has certified facilitators that can deliver a highly effective program called The Five Behaviors_of a Cohesive Team based on the work of researcher Patrick Lencioni. This program helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible.

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