Assessment Tools

Talent Show: Assessing Employee Skills

Just what kind of skills do your employees have? How prepared are they to take on future roles within the organization? We help our clients answer these critical questions. Our comprehensive Talent Assessment tools identify employees’ skill levels from communication to leadership, to the ability to analyze data. To help them improve, we develop an Individual Development Plan for each employee, which includes recommendations on activities and timelines that ensure the employee is on a path to success.

Digging Deeper: Online Assessment Tools

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ tool for evaluating employee skills, so we employ more than two dozen assessment tools, which employees can take online. These assessment tools include tests that measure skills, interest and ability for a particular role, including a 360-degree assessment that collects valuable feedback from a full circle of evaluators – supervisors, direct reports, peers, and clients/vendors.

Gallagher Titan works with research-proven tools to assist your organization in assessing your talent in all areas and phases of employment so that you can better understand and improve your biggest asset — your employees.

Click to view our Assessment Tool Brochure

The list below includes some of the assessments that Gallagher Titan offers:


If you are interested in learning more about these assessments, click on the assessment names above to view a sample brochure. We also offer additional assessments that assess job fit, compatibility between managers and employees, and leadership skills. Contact us to learn more about which assessments best fit your needs.

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