Recognizing the importance of human resources within an organization may be simple enough. After all, the common wisdom holds that an organization’s most valued asset is its people. But creating an effective HR function is anything but easy.

It starts with asking some critical questions: Are our HR strategies aligned with our overall business goals? Is our human resources department staffed appropriately? Do our HR people have the necessary experience and skills to meet the organization’s needs? Do we have the necessary processes in place with respect to performance management, training, recruiting and compliance?

HR Assessment and Strategy Development

An effective human resources function starts with a carefully developed strategy, and Gallagher Titan works with organizations to ensure that their HR strategies are consistent with their overall goals. Gallagher Titan will interview key stakeholders, create custom surveys and create HR strategies and recommend HR staffing solutions. Tactical elements of the strategy may include recruiting, training and development, compensation and performance management.

Gallagher Titan provides comprehensive assessments of the value and effectiveness of HR programs, followed by recommendations on how they can be updated and enhanced. Such assessments often provide a starting point for developing an overall HR strategy. We can also calculate and recommend how to best staff and organize your HR departments.

HR 911

When the occasional need arises for emergency human resources counsel, Gallagher Titan can provide timely and experienced advice on short notice or on retainer via the telephone or by email. Think of us as the HR “help desk,” ready to offer insightful and accurate solutions quickly or, if need be, undertake a more in-depth analysis of your particular situation.

We also provide a temporary seasoned HR Manager or Director of HR while a staff member is out on leave or the position is vacant.  In some cases, if the company is not large enough to support a full-time HR management role, we can provide a person from one day to five days a week.

HR Audit – Minding Your P’s and Q’s

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Does Your Company Need an HR Check-Up?

Gallagher Titan conducts Human Resources Audit to make certain that clients do not overlook important compliance and legal issues, and that all elements of human resources are being met by your existing department. Typical areas of review range from general human resources administration, selection and hiring, training and development, employee communication, performance management, employee relations, and salary administration among others. For our clients who serve the federal government, we can complete your time-consuming Affirmative Action Plans, too.

Employee Handbook

Gallagher Titan consultants apply their compliance expertise to assist organizations in creating or revising the content of their Employee Handbook. We ensure alignment with your organizational culture, objectives, as well as legal compliance. You can take comfort in knowing that you and your employees are aware of your policies and are in compliance with current laws.


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