On- and Off-Site HR Support

Ongoing HR Management

Many of our clients just want to focus on their core business. HR can be overwhelming; we also recognize that it is challenging from a cost- and resource- perspective for many organizations to staff and maintain fully dedicated internal resources for the increasingly complex and broad areas of human resources. Many Gallagher Titan Human Resource Consulting Practice clients have turned to us to supplement their internal resources; others have outsourced their entire HR administration to us rather than hiring internal resources themselves.


Gallagher Titan Human Resources Consulting offers workplace solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. We manage HR functions so that you can focus on your business. We provide HR professionals who have experience as HR leaders in other organizations, and who bring strategic capabilities in managing all of the HR functions required in your organization. We administer all of your HR activities and tasks, as well as design, develop and implement any HR programs that you may need.


Ongoing Human Resource Management services can include all areas of the HR function:

  • Management Consultation
  • Unlimited Employee Assistance
  • Policy & Procedure Creation and Management
  • Human Resources Compliance
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Employment Life Cycle Management
  • Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding
  • Job Description Management
  • Employee Leave Administration


HR Support-on-Demand (HR 911)

Given the complex legal and operational frameworks within which most organizations operate today,  having access to human resource capabilities sufficient to correctly inform and guide the business is mission critical to running a successful company and mitigating unncessary legal exposure. Gallagher Titan Human Resources Consulting knows that many organizations – particularly small and mid-sized businesses – want to have some type of internal HR capability but either can’t support or don’t want the cost associated with having a fully staffed, dedicated in-house HR resource or function.

Whether an organization has an intermittent, periodic need for human resources counsel, an occasional “emergency,” or requires interim HR support and advice for the short- or long-term, Gallagher Titan’s program – HR Support-on-Demand (HR 911) – provides clients with HR expertise that is available “on demand” when you need it most, to respond to HR concerns, resolve challenging employee relations issues, and answer compliance queries.

We know that “on demand” means exactly that. Our service includes access through email and telephone meetings to ensure client needs are addressed quickly, accurately and effectively. Our experienced consultants are subject matter experts across several functional area(s) of human resources, including compliance and employee relations, and are able to offer insightful and on-point solutions in a timely manner, as well as conduct in-depth situational analysis in responding to your query, as may be necessary.

Keep up-to-date and well-informed on all the regulatory, competitive, and best practices required to stay in compliance, mitigate risk, and meet your HR needs.

Our Support-on-Demand (HR 911) service is a retainer-based service that includes:

  • Email and telephone support with a designated HR Consultant
  • Outbound information on current and emerging HR topics
  • Reminders about approaching HR deadlines, such as OSHA, EEO-1, etc.
  • Updates on compliance, best practices, and new technologies
  • Unlimited access to Gallagher’s forms library, including compliance documents


Alternatively, we also offer limited Support-on-Demand – email and telephone support with a designated HR Consultant – on an ad hoc or intermittent basis at an hourly, pro-rated rate. Inquire today.

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