HR Strategy

An effective human resources department starts with a carefully developed strategy, and Gallagher Titan Human Resources Consulting works with organizations to ensure that its HR strategies are consistent with the organization’s overall goals. Our team brings to the table a depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities including multi-faceted, practical, real-world experience.

Gallagher Titan HR Consulting provides comprehensive assessments of value and effectiveness of an organization’s current HR programs and processes by employing a number of methodologies, including:

  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders to ascertain the success of current HR programs from the various perspectives
  • Creating custom surveys targeting effectiveness of key HR program(s)
  • Data analysis and best practice review of HR programs and processes
  • Benchmarking against similarly-situated organizations in and outside of your industry to better understand what “best in class” firms are doing from an HR standpoint, including those practices and programs which enable them to best meet their business goals and customer’s needs

Our consultants have over 20 years of individual experience from over 500 organizations; we rely on the best minds and extensive database of benchmark and best practice data to make practical recommendations to our clients about effective structures, efficient processes, and how those programs or systems may be updated or enhanced. Such assessments often provide a starting point for developing an organization’s overall HR strategy. Tactical elements of the strategy may include recruiting, training and development, compensation and performance management. We can also analyze and recommend how to best staff and organize the HR department.

The work we do provides our clients with a solid framework for areas to work on in the human resources function. Following implementation of our recommendations and based upon experience with previous clients, your organization can expect to see the following results:

  • Increased consistency across the business allowing for organizational flexibility and improved compliance
  • Improved opportunity to become an employer-of-choice work environment
  • Reduction in legal liability and exposure
  • A more stable and productive workforce

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