HR Check-Up

Gallagher Titan Human Resource Consulting regularly assists client organizations in becoming (or remaining) legally compliant by conducting periodic but regular audits of their HR practices, programs and processes. Our HR Check-Up serves as a routine “pulse check” of an organization’s health status regarding compliance with mandated federal and state law(s); our consultants obtain data intelligence on the current state of an organization’s HR function with the goal of improving program effectiveness and ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal law(s).


Ensure alignment of your HR function with your organization’s mission, goals and competitive advantage. The HR Check-UpSM  consists of a comprehensive assessment involving the systematic review of all key aspects of human resources including adherence to and consistent application of government regulations and company policies across the organization, the effective administration and/or management of HR processes and practices, and HR staffing analyses to determine the most efficient combination of skills and experience needed for your HR requirements.


Purpose of an HR Check-UpSM

Employment law is an ever-changing environment. Company policies and procedures must be created, removed, or modified to stay regulated with the law if a company is to avoid litigation. Employers are aware that one of the best ways to mitigate employee dissatisfaction is to have a comprehensive Employee Handbook. While excellent advice, an Employee Handbook on its own is not sufficient in mitigating risk or legal exposure. Companies must regularly conduct an employment law and HR practices review to make sure that their policies and practices are compliant with and reflect recent changes in federal and state laws, rules and regulations as well as other legal charges that may put their company at risk.


Ten good reasons to perform an HR Practices Review:

  1. Perform a “due diligence” review for organizational leaders/decision makers to increase internal awareness of what’s happening within their organization.
  2. Minimize the organization’s risk and exposure to employee litigation.
  3. Identify potentially serious organizational issues that require immediate attention.
  4. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and other legal mandates.
  5. Ensure consistent application of organizational policies and procedures, even if there are multiple sites and/or in multiple states.
  6. Identify areas of opportunity regarding the HR practices within the organization.
  7. Identify areas where the organization performs well and therefore should celebrate and continue practicing with confidence.
  8. Instill a sense of confidence in management and the HR function, that it is well-managed and prepared to meet potential challenges.
  9. Obtain operational knowledge of employment laws as they relate to the business of the company.
  10. Maintain or enhance an organization’s reputation in the community as a legal and fair employer and thereby an employer-of-choice.

Does your company need an HR Check-UpSM?

Our Human Resource Assessment (HR Check-UpSM) includes interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) related to the HR functions, data analysis, and best practice reviews of:


  • HR Policies and Procedures, including Employee Handbook
  • Payroll and Employee Records
  • Recruitment, Hiring, Onboarding and Employment Practices
  • Employee Relations
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Discipline and Termination
  • Performance and Talent Management Systems
  • Training and Development Activities
  • Compensation/ Salary Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Progressive Discipline and Termination
  • Safety and Security


Additional Services

Supervisory Training – Train your managers on HR 101 basics knowledge to ensure your company stays in compliance

Affirmative Action Plan (for Governmental Contractors)

Click here to view a sample HR Check-UpSM Report.

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