Employee Handbook

Given the increasingly complex legal and business environment within which most organizations operate today, a well-crafted, legally compliant Employee Handbook serves as a valuable resource to both the organization and its employees. The employee handbook is one of the primary vehicles utilized most commonly by organizations to communicate to and inform employees about their rights and responsibilities, organizational culture, and serves as a reference guide to all employer policies and/or procedures. Since a handbook typically serves as an employee’s first introduction to the organization, it can also be an effective tool for communicating and promoting employer benefits.

A handbook also assists the organization in complying with regulations requiring notifications to employees and may serve as a protective shield for employers as an aid in defense of a charge or litigation by a current or former employee.

Gallagher Titan HR Consulting is able to apply its compliance expertise in assisting organizations create, review, revise and/or update the contents of their employee handbooks that takes into consideration both best practice and legal compliance at the federal and state level. Using our extensive experience in developing, writing and reviewing employee handbooks, we partner with your organization to determine which policies work best, and together we create a compliant handbook that fits your particular organization.


We use an interactive process in reviewing and/or developing Employee handbooks, including:

  • Review and analysis of your current handbook and employee policies for compliance/best practices
  • Confer to discuss company culture, desired policies and relevant compliance issues or concerns
  • Create a first draft of new and/or modified content
  • Additional consulting to finalize policies
  • Final handbook delivered in Word format
  • Suggestions for production and distribution to the team

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