Gallagher Titan’s Compensation Services provide clients with the expertise to help them determine the “right”amount to pay employees, thereby increasing the client’s ability to attract and retain employees while leveraging critical financial resources.

We help clients develop a compensation strategy that fits their industry and competitive position. We benchmark job data, create and update salary structures, evaluate salaries, and ensure that fair and equitable compensation is distributed as determined by the market.

Job Market Pricing

Gallagher Titan works with clients to define their compensation strategy and market positioning for all employee groups. Once defined, we compare their jobs with the best available market data in order to determine how compensation compares to desired market position.

Executive Compensation

Gallagher Titan provides competent consulting on Executive Compensation issues. We believe that process is the key to arriving at a strategy that meets the goals and objectives of the business, as well as the expectations of participating executives.

Salary Program Design and Implementation

Gallagher Titan professionals will utilize their vast knowledge and experience in compensation to design a salary structure that aligns compensation with business goals and objectives.

Incentive and Sales Compensation Design

We help our clients determine the appropriate amount of total compensation in the mix of fixed and variable pay. We develop the measures that are aligned with organizational goals and ensure that a design is in place to motivate and reward employees.

Intermediate Sanctions – Reasonable Compensation Analysis

Non-profit organizations are required to comply with IRS Intermediate Sanction guidelines set forth to ensure reasonable compensation is paid to executives. Gallagher Titan experts determine reasonable compensation levels and render an opinion letter and supporting documentation. With the new Form 990, the IRS requires additional information surrounding the process of compensating executives. Gallagher Titan can guide Tax Exempt Board members through this process.

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