New! Board Service Offerings

How is your organization setting up your Board for success? Gallagher Titan offers a package of services specifically designed to address your Board’s needs that we have identified from our long-standing relationships with nonprofit organizations and their governing boards. We can help you find, assess, select and onboard your organization’s new leaders, as well as evaluate, train, develop, and determine competitive and reasonable compensation for your management team.


Our Board Services Include:

Executive Search — Gallagher Titan assists Boards in finding and selecting their organization’s next leader. We have success in leading the Board Search Committee through the entire search process. We develop the job profile, vet and narrow down the candidate pool, extend an offer and onboard the new executive to the role. We work with your Board to ensure that your organization hires the most successful candidate.

Recruitment Consulting — As a supplement to your own recruitment efforts, we serve as advisors to a Board Search Committee as they undertake their search program. Our services integrate within your search process and include developing a position profile recruitment strategy, sourcing qualified candidates, selecting and administering assessment tools, developing an interview guide, providing interview training and conducting reference checks.

Interim Search — While your Board searches for the ideal leader, we assist by providing an Interim Executive. Our Interim Executive will ensure that the organization has the leadership it needs to remain successful during this transition period.

New Executive & Board Member Onboarding — We use a planned approach to expedite and facilitate a new executive’s or Board Member’s assimilation to the organization. We guide the incumbent through understanding the roles, responsibilities and relationships of their new position to establish a firm foundation within their first 90 days. Our clear and focused onboarding program acclimates the new executive or Board Member in becoming a productive part of the leadership team and building faster relationships with direct reports.

Selection & Assessment Tools — We are certified in and administer a variety of assessment tools that address the Board’s full range of needs. Our assessment tools measure an individual’s or team’s skills, interests, abilities, personality and emotional intelligence. Our assessments can be used in conjunction with a CEO performance evaluation, executive search process or succession planning project, or alongside individualized coaching.

Succession Planning — We serve as advisors to the Board as they undertake strategic succession planning initiatives for their Executive Director or other members in management. Our succession planning services include competency model development and job description refinement, as well as talent assessment, development and management of the identified potential successors.

Executive Director Performance Evaluation — We help the Board identify the appropriate competencies, metrics and key objectives needed in an executive leader that aligns most closely with your organization’s strategic plan. We develop tools that your Board can use to collect and deliver performance feedback to the ED and also train the Board on how to conduct effective performance feedback conversations.

Training & Leadership Development — We can help the Board become a stronger and more effective team through leadership development, coaching and training. We specialize in developing key leadership competencies that emphasize communication, building trust and collaboration so that a Board is able to achieve greater results together.

Executive Compensation — We design competitive total compensation packages that not only retain current executives but also attract future talent. We assist the Board by reviewing the current and projected compensation components for executives. We also educate Board and Compensation Committee members about tax exempt governance, as suggested by IRS guidelines on Executive Compensation.


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