Who do you turn to for HR guidance? How are you getting answers to your most pressing HR questions? This past October, we offered the chance to answer these questions and more at our Ask the Experts round table event. Participants received one-on-one time with our six experts where they were able to ask questions about assessment tools, employment law, total rewards, health & welfare, wellbeing, and employee engagement surveys. Each table had lively conversations about recent trends and talked through potential solutions to their organization’s problems.

Thought leaders included: Kimberly Daniel, Director, Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, P.C.; Lisa Silber, M.Ed., ACC, Consultant, Gallagher HR & Compensation Consulting; Lee Weisiger, MS, CCP, Managing Director, Gallagher HR & Compensation Consulting; Sean Northup, Producer, Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.; Kathleen Schulz, MS, CHES, Regional VP and Practice Leader, Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.; and Chris Dustin, Managing Director & Senior Advisor, Gallagher HR & Compensation Consulting.

Lisa Silber at the Assessment Tools table discussed the available assessment tools that Gallagher offers and when and how to best use them. They also compared some of the assessment tools, such as the MBTI®, the EQ-i 2.0 and the Everything DiSC®, and introduced the important concept of ‘flexing’ to another’s preferred style.

Kimberly Daniel at the Employment Law table discussed the impact of generations in the workplace and today’s changing company culture. They discussed both ends of the age discrimination spectrum and also talked about the potential worker’s compensation claims that could arise from company-owned equipment that Millennials have been requesting to add to office environments.

Lee Weisiger and Sean Northup at the Total Rewards and Health & Welfare table discussed how to make total rewards programs appeal to all generations by tailoring benefit offerings based on your current and/or desired employee base. They also discussed staying competitive with the market and mentioned other ways to reward employees beyond compensation that help attract and retain talent.

Kathleen Schulz and Chris Dustin at the Wellbeing and Employee Engagement Surveys table discussed generational employee engagement numbers and identified how to respond to each generation’s engagement scores. They also discussed creating a positive workplace experience for everyone and how wellness programs connect with employees.


“I really enjoyed my time at the Ask the Experts event. I had not been to any other event like it.  I loved the set up where we rotated around to different tables and really enjoyed the personalized nature of being able to ask specific questions that may be top of mind.  I look forward to future events like this one!”

Sally Tate, Hourigan Construction


“The Ask the Experts event is an immensely valuable experience.  The experts are very knowledgeable and addressed relevant topics in an intimate and relatable fashion.  The event also allows for the invaluable opportunity to network and to get to know professionals in our community.”

–Darryl Smith, Virginia Home for Boys and Girls


Assessment Tools Table

Wellbeing & Employee Engagement Surveys Table

Total Rewards & Health & Welfare Table

Employment Law Table

Moderator Laura Boone

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